Pinot Noir

Rivers Edge Pinot Noir 2014

There is nothing like an early harvest to catch a winemaker off guard. While close followers of grapevine phenolics probably saw it coming, our “Raiders of the Lost Ark” approach saw us scrambling when the earliest harvest on record began on the 19th of March. What does this mean for wine quality? Well, a benign start to the season with high winds and a notable absence of frosts enabled the vines to get off to a flying start and set a better than average crop.

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Home Block Pinot Noir 2013

2013 was described by a winemaker friend as a “Goldilocks” season – not too hot, not too cold; not too dry and not too wet…. Just right! Such conditions have imbued the Pinot Noir with an incredible sense of balance, harmony and togetherness. After just 3 months in the bottle this is not the kind of teenager who wears his cap backwards and hangs around in the town square after dark – this is the well-adjusted lad who will be found handing round the guacamole at his parent’s 20th wedding anniversary.

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Reserve Pinot Noir 2015

Awaiting Mr Canning ....

But Bob Campbell says: "Charming wine with purity, delicacy and an almost ethereal texture. dark plum, cherry and a suggestion of violet with integrated spicy French oak. An accessible pinot noir with subtle power demonstrated by its lengthy finish. Strongly varietal with less obvious regional character."

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