Sauvignon Blanc 2020


The fruit for this wine now comes exclusively from the vines grown in the top corner of the original Winery vineyard and therefore is perhaps deserving of a “Home Block” label…. The block sits at the highest point of the vineyard atop an almost imperceptible rise which just so happens to be on the tail end of the narrow clay reef which runs right through the Martinborough grape belt. Whilst not impeding drainage, the finer soil imparts a light chalkiness and intriguing minerality to the palate.

The wine sports an emboldened colour of classic straw and embraces the vibrancy of spring. It is not the type of Sauvy which leaps up and punches you on the nose but rather one which slides a hand suggestively round the middle of your back as it asks you up to dance. Skinned peacherine, grazed nettle, Sweet William and blanched chicory offer an omnium of aromas which circulate then meld with a touch of bush honey and roasted almonds. Mangetout plucked straight from the vine and shucked corn kernels add to the freshness then a hint of butterscotch and dry water cracker rounds out the offering.

In the mouth, this wine is the very definition of opulence. It has a stunning freshness and the racing pulse of a mountain stream rushing headlong through arroyos and ravines. It shows remarkable balance between the raucous acidity and a languid texture which slides out from beneath a highly polished surface. A fruity threepeat of Cape gooseberry, dried apricot and orange zest bulge out like a bare midrift over skinny jeans while the touch of jelly bean and talc bring a dignified austerity. Like a lemon sorbet between courses, this wine will leave the palate cleansed and feeling born again, making it an ideal match for rich or oily dishes.

Technical Information

Harvest Date                23 - 25 Mar 2020                     Residual Sugar             4.0 g/l

Brix at Harvest             22.1°                                        Bottling Date                11 Dec 2020

Final Alcohol               12.9%                                      Release Date                1 Sept 2021

pH                               2.85                                         Cellaring                      1-4 years

Total Acid                    6.98g/l


Bob Campbell says "Flavoursome, textural sauvignon blanc with lime juice, wet stone, green capsicum and gooseberry characters. Impressive power and purity, with a backbone of vibrant acidity helping to derive a lingering finish."  92/100


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