Grüner Veltliner 2016

No one was as surprised as we were by the way our customers old and new, took to this little known grape variety with the unpronounceable name. We’ve heard it called everything from Grunter Vintner to Groovy Jetliner but the important thing is that people were charmed by the unusual combination of grainy texture, beguiling sweetness, bounteous fruit and an acid balance which walks just a little on the wild side –and many were prepared to put their money where their mouths had just been.


The wine is expressively expedient as it leaps from the glass like a bottlenose dolphin from a dead calm sea. Plump mulberries, fresh squeezed lime juice and rough chopped feijoa vie for attention as do white pear, candy floss and the heavy scent of Mexican orange blossom on the first warm evening of spring. Beneath this are complexing notes of almond icing, garden fresh mange tout, salted caramel and just a hint of grilled pancetta. Finally a touch of basil adds a fresh herbal edge while whole kernel corn lends a moreish mealy appeal. Like an instagram from heaven, there is a something ecclesiastical about the palate which commands immediate attention. Totally voluptuous up front, it encapsulates the tongue with velvety lemon curd and sticky date pudding flavours. The mid-section is somewhat capricious, long and lean one minute then plump and curvy the next as the somewhat prickly structure back-lights the creaminess of a milk and honey texture. There is a definite tightness in the rear however, as the needle point acidity flowing from a shimmeringly low pH causes the wine to reverberate like a brass bell in an ancient clocher and focuses the finish with cutting edge precision.


Technical Information

Harvest Date               20 Apr 2016                Residual Sugar            20.0 g/l

Brix at Harvest            23.0°                            Bottling Date              10 Aug 2016

Final Alcohol              12.8%                          Release Date               1 Oct 2016

pH                               2.78                             Cellaring                      1-7 years

Total Acid                   7.8 g/l  

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