Whites and Rosé

Gewürztraminer 2018

92/100 from Bob Campbell who says "Concentrated gewürztraminer with strong varietal flavours of lychee, Turkish Delight, pot-pourri and cloves. Moderately sweet but not at all cloying, with a weighty texture and an impressively lengthy finish."

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Chenin Blanc 2018

I do not often mention the influence of the season in the tasting notes but 2017-18 was an exceptional case; not perfect by any means but the results were astounding. An unprecedented hot and dry spring and early summer period set the fruit up so nicely that late season rain, humidity and even a brace of tropical cyclones couldn’t spoil the luscious ripe flavours.

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Riesling 2018

Strat's notes to come.

BOB CAMPBELL gives it 94/100
"Crisp, bright riesling with a terrific sweet-and-sour tension and mouth-tingling finish. A high energy and very appealing wine that will be appreciated by lovers of Mosel kabinet riesling. Strong lime, citrus and floral flavours."

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Sauvignon Blanc 2017

It has been my long held conviction that Sauvignon Blanc amongst all other varietals, most faithfully reflects the nuances of the season in which it was grown. The relationship between the “greener” flavoured compound methoxypyrazine and more “tropical” thiol group is now much better understood by scientists and winemakers alike but the levels present and the effect they have in any given wine are still largely determined by nature.

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Pinot Gris 2017

Is Pinot Gris an age worthy wine? Our experience tells us YES! In fact, the style we have been making for over 20 years cries out for some time in the bottle to show at its best. As with the previous vintage, due to a couple of small harvests we have been forced into releasing this wine as a baby, with just 13 months in the bottle. Please drink it slowly as not only does it respond to a little breathing in the glass but if you tuck a bottle or two away until then end of the decade, you will be rewarded.

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Chardonnay 2017

We may stand accused of shamelessly chasing the ever-moving goalposts of the Chardonnay style bandwagon. So be it. Our clean, lean fruit driven examples of many years have been superseded by somewhat more rounded wines which show a little more oak, a lot more MLF influence and when circumstances permit, spend more time in barrel. We are rather pleased with the results.

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