En Rose 2013

The gamble to produce a pink methode sparkling was perhaps a little folly, even though we were shamelessly following a reported worldwide trend toward the popularity of this beautiful wine-style. It was a gamble however that came in at 100:1 and the way wine lovers beat our door down to get at this wine still amazes me. The only problem is, given the 3 year winemaking process, it will be 2018 before our increase in production comes on stream.

Made from 100% Pinot Noir, this wine is more fruit-oriented than its sister La Michelle and has thus been given longer – a full 36 months – on yeast lees to allow it to show at its best. A delight to behold, the colour sits between partridge-eye and fresh-run Rakaia salmon and is the very height of delicacy, diplomacy and decorum. The bead is in fine fettle, rising frantically when first poured then gradually settling down to a lazy escapade. The nose is sweet and tantalising and the combination of white peach, blanched almonds and buttery French toast will see you shiver with antici…..pation. A little tinned lychee, malted barley sugar and soft buds of coral camellia tease the senses while lemon marmalade, tangy lanolin and a hint of sour apple add a restrained twist.

I freeze and yet am burned: the palate is the very personification of balance as moreish strawberry and Pacific Rose apple flavours counter broad breasty characters. The slightly prickly acidity rubs gently against an almost imperceptible sweetness while a delicacy reminiscent of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy gives way to a nutty complexity and pastey-smooth texture There are hints of coconut and dried sage which seem to refresh as each tiny bubble erupts and an impulsive fragility which creeps upstairs intent on stealing a kiss. A clean, foamy uplift sees the wine floating to the finish as if riding upon a magic carpet before regathering its strength like a wave draining off a distant rock.


Technical Information

Harvest Date                8 & 11 March 2013                 Total Acid                      8.55 g/l

Brix at Harvest            19.0 to 19.5                               Residual Sugar           4 g/l

Blend:                           100% Pinot Noir                      Bottling Date                17 Oct 2013

Final Alcohol               12.5 %                                       Disgorging Date          8  Sept 2016

pH                                  2.83                                         Cellaring                       1 – 4 years from release



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