La Michelle 2013

It goes without saying really but one of the main features which sets sparkling wine apart from table wine, is the bubbles. A slow and steady release of CO2, trapped during secondary fermentation in the bottle gives the sensation of freshness and the appearance that the wine is alive in the mouth. Wine glass choice is critical to the success of this strategy and the contemporary flute, with its narrow base and small surface area is ideal to enhance the life of the bubbles. The “Coupe” or saucer glass, reputedly modelled on the breast of Marie Antoinette certainly is sexy but allows the bubbles to dissipate quickly. Fortunately it holds but a small volume so must be replenished often! If you can find some in a second hand shop, they will spice up your night.
Following a full 30 months resting on lees in the bottle, the 2013 begins its final journey with a well-controlled detonation when the cork is eased. The immediate smell of sweet brioche and thick lemon meringue pie is mouth-watering and is followed by buttered popcorn and hints of freshly felled Christmas tree. Pisco sour and macadamia nut are further complexed by hints of Bovril and a slightly cheesy note –perhaps clotted quark...
In the mouth the wine dances like a sugar plum fairy with a tightly coiled double helix of seriously fresh acidity giving focus to a fruit spectrum comprising grapefruit and fejoa. It is both festive and furtive as it foams to flood-point then slowly subsides to reveal flavours of squishy ripe pear and the reassuringly mealy quality of refried beans. The snapable texture of hokey pokey gives an unfathomable depth to the breadth while a refreshingly edgy balance pushes a moreish nutty length through to a clean limey finish.
Technical Information  
Harvest Date               6 - 8 March 2013                          Total Acid                      8.4 g/l
Brix at Harvest            19.5 to 20.2                                    Residual Sugar            4 g/l
Blend:                           66% Pinot Noir : 33% Chard      Bottling Date              17 Oct 2013
Final Alcohol               12.5 %                                            Disgorging Date          8 May 2016
pH                                 2.91                                                 Cellaring                      1 – 4 years


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