Reserve Pinot Noir 2015

It was legendary filmmaker Walt Disney who famously said: “Think; Believe; Dream; Dare.” This was precisely our mindset when we conceived the Reserve Pinot Noir label back in 2013. Made in only the finest of years, we mentor our best blocks and batches with exhaustive viticulture and respectful winemaking then dare to dream of the emergence of a few barrels of wine which truly personifies our soils, our vines and our passion. In 2015 we were rewarded once again, with a blend of 45% Clone 115, 35% Clone 114 and 15% Abel, from our oldest vines.

The colour is exemplary as the wine exhibits the alarming garnet hue of a blood-filled wishing well, yet retains just enough essential clarity so the one can tell the time on the ubiquitous analogue watch while squinting through it. Sublime and almost creamy in its attack, the bulbous nose oozes charm and expression. Steaming inky and plumy fruits arise amid notes of violets, sweet red pepper and the torn flesh of a rare roast beef. Elements of mocha, baked clay, grainy bran and washed wool add elusive complexity but do not distract from the fruit driven thrust of the wine. A little charry cedar is evident from the 30% new oak while hints of turmeric, pumpkin kernel and rock salt round out the offering of the nose.

The mouthfeel too is immediately impressive. Deep, dark and gargantuanly handsome, it muscles its way down court like a 7 foot moustachioed basketball centre, sweeping all in its path. Calcareous tannins run abundantly along the tongue then disappear into pools of husky dark berry fruits which linger with felonious intent. The wine weighs heavy on the pallet as flavours of Black Doris plum and hot toffee reveal themselves like a supersexed Lorde rolling down Main Street hanging out the window of a Uber Black. Hints of musk, cracked pepper and tarry mulberry appear to lurk just around the corner yet are brought to life with a swirl of the glass, suggesting the wine has plenty more secrets to reveal over time.

Bob Campbell says: "Charming wine with purity, delicacy and an almost ethereal texture. dark plum, cherry and a suggestion of violet with integrated spicy French oak. An accessible pinot noir with subtle power demonstrated by its lengthy finish. Strongly varietal with less obvious regional character."


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