Sauvignon Blanc 2017

It has been my long held conviction that Sauvignon Blanc amongst all other varietals, most faithfully reflects the nuances of the season in which it was grown. The relationship between the “greener” flavoured compound methoxypyrazine and more “tropical” thiol group is now much better understood by scientists and winemakers alike but the levels present and the effect they have in any given wine are still largely determined by nature. The site-specific growing conditions of the vintage and the way the yeast interpret and metabolise the flavour precursors as they turn juice into wine; these are what give rise to the magic! Those who were holidaying during the 2017 “summer” will understand why this wine is in touch with its more emerald side.


The light pea-straw colour, itself unusual in this often gin-clear wine style, gives some warning of the dominatrical assertion of this wine. A light flailing with whipping-nettles infused with coriander and cloves runs a merry dance alongside spiced apple, fleshy coconut and quince paste and gives broad brushstrokes to the aroma. Kaffir lime leaves, tinned lychee and a touch of marzipan lead to a happy as Larry feeling like encountering a powerfully scented daphne bush after following the crowd up 63 steps to a Wellington open home. In the mouth the wine is zippy, zappy and clean cut. Like a gigantic beanstalk, the pithy texture and humming raspyness will rip your undies and cause palate gyrations like the sound of flamenco guitar on an Andelusian country road. Warm nettle tea, crisp winter kale and a touch of capsicum relish wrap nicely around softer feijoa ice-cream flavours. At 4g/L the residual sugar is barely detectable though like a low diving barrel roll it skims the surface of the pea green water before regaining height and signing off with an impression of squeezed banana passionfruit. A very Kiwi thing!


Technical Information

Harvest Date                11 - 21 Apr 2017         Residual Sugar             4.1 g/l

Brix at Harvest             20.2° - 21.7°                Bottling Date                4 Dec 2017

Final Alcohol               12.6%                          Release Date                1 July 2018

pH                               2.96                             Cellaring                      1-4 years

Total Acid                    7.5g/l   

And here is Bob Campbell:

"Smooth-textured and appealing sauvignon blanc with green apple, melon, citrus, lime and nectarine flavours. A flavoursome wine with character and in a distinctive style of its own." 90/100

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